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Committed to helping your office or commercial space achieve new heights
Who we are
We’re a green team of horticultural experts who know how to bring your interior to life with gorgeous green plants.

Plantscape Interior has been greening offices and commercial interiors in Middle Georgia and Athens with fresh, healthy live plants for over 30 years. Our mission is to bring life to your space, invigorating your employees, clients and visitors with inspiration from nature.

We partner with the best tropical plant growers in Florida who sell specifically to interior landscape companies. Each nursery may specialize in different plants. These plants are started and grown as a crop to our high standards. The plants are then held and acclimated to the lower levels of light needed for interior applications - before they are shipped to us.

We sell or lease these fabulous interiorscape quality plants along with decorative containers that add even more oomph to the plants and your space. We recognize that each client is wonderfully different. Your plant design is customized to enhance the ambiance of your location. We also love working with your interior designer or architect.

Our uniformed Interior Plant Horticultural Team provides enthusiastic and dependable maintenance of the plants. Your plants are guaranteed. Plantscape Interior guarantees their health and appearance. If any interior plant falls below our high standards it will be replaced at no charge to you. Plant happiness without the hassle!


I’m Lisa Langdon, the “Plant Manager” at Plantscape Interior. Born in the City in a Park, Macon, Georgia, and transplanted to the sunny tropical East Coast of Florida, I have always loved nature, plants and playing in the dirt.

Our interior plant service company Plantscape Interior sprouted from our plant shop, Flowerama, located in the Macon Mall in the 1980’s. Today, Plantscape is a thriving business that is proud to provide beautiful healthy plants to happy commercial clients, serviced by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable horticulturalists.

Being locally owned and operated, we can offer personal and customized service without the large overhead associated with big city operations. You can always get in touch with me. The “Plant Manager” will be happy to solve any plant “emergency” right away or help with a special project.

Our many years of experience in the horticultural world have equipped us to provide you with the best plants at the best value from the best nurseries in Florida, creative and customized interior plant design, and dependable, knowledgeable maintenance technicians.

Give me a call at 877-FOLIAGE to tell me about your ideas for greening your scene (or complete the short contact form). We can get together for a walk through and a complimentary quote.

Businesses we service

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    Office Buildings
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    Apartment & loft clubhouses
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    Car Dealerships

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